Monday, September 16, 2013

This Week's News: Youth in Transition


New bill would change school drop out age to 18
Bay News 9, Florida – September 12, 2013
Every year in Florida, thousands of kids drop out of school.  Under a newly proposed bill the age to legally drop out of school would go up from 16 to 18 years old.  The goal is to take away an easy way out, which many high school students say has become way too popular.

Study bolsters argument linking graduation rates to cutting crime
Las Vegas Sun, Nevada – September 12, 2013
Nevada could save $215 million annually in crime-fighting costs if it could raise its male high school graduation rate by 5 percentage points, according to a new report released today.  The Alliance for Excellent Education, a Washington, D.C., education policy group, analyzed crime rates and graduation rates in 50 states and Washington, D.C., for its report, “Saving Futures, Saving Dollars: The Impact of Education on Crime Reduction and Earnings.”

On-time graduation up, dropouts down
Suffolk News-Herald, Suffolk, VA – September 13, 2013
Improvements almost across the board in on-time graduation and other measures this year are “good news,” the district’s chief of operations told a School Board meeting Thursday.  “They have shown marked improvement in on-time graduation … completion … and the dropout rate,” Kevin Alston said.

Juvenile Justice

Reforming the Juvenile Justice System
YNN, New York, NY – September 13, 2013
Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to reform New York's juvenile justice system. As part of that effort, he's established eight regional youth justice teams across the state. The teams bring together key partners working to improve outcomes and reduce the number of youths in the system.

Visual analytics help Florida tell the story of juvenile justice reform
GCN, Florida – September 13, 2013
The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is using visual analytics to present a clearer picture of children in the justice system and the effectiveness of the state’s innovative reform efforts.

Foster Care

A Clever Campaign to Help Aged-Out Foster Youth
The Chronicle of Social Change – September 9, 2013
The Camellia Network, a multi-state organization that seeks and identifies resources for youths aging out of foster care, kicked off it first annual “Great Fall Rally” this week to push for donors willing to support former foster youth early in the academic calendar.

'Short Term 12' has long-term depth, meaning
USA Today – September 12, 2013
Don't be put off by its forgettable title. Short Term 12 is a deeply memorable film.  This modest, low-budget feature (* * * ½ out of four; rated R; expands Friday to select cities) set in a foster care facility is well-written, terrifically acted and compelling.

Teen Pregnancy

Getting past ideological differences to reduce teen pregnancy
The Baltimore Sun – September 13, 2013
Hal and Chuck Donofrio deserve the praise they received for their innovative  media program to reduce unwanted teen pregnancy ("Abstinence with an attitude," Sept. 9).  Their efforts began with an ideologically bipartisan effort of state legislators.  Two pro-life lawmakers, state Sen. Frank Kelly and Del. Timothy Maloney, joined two pro-choice members, Sen, Catherine Riley and myself, to advocate for increased funding for family planning and counseling services, expanded adoption efforts and a television ad campaign  that tells teens "it's OK to say no."

Teen pregnancy rates at historic lows
Delaware Online – September 10, 2013
Not since 1940 when the Tom and Jerry cartoon debuted to the delight of the nation’s children has the teenage pregnancy rate in the United States been as low as it is currently tabulated. The rates are down in all 50 states, and among all racial and ethnic groups.

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