Sunday, January 29, 2006

This Week's News: 29 Jan 2006


The Trouble with Boys (Updated)
January 30, 2006 issue – Newsweek
Jan. 30, 2006 issue - Spend a few minutes on the phone with Danny Frankhuizen and you come away thinking, "What a nice boy." He's thoughtful, articulate, bright. He has a good relationship with his mom, goes to church every…

Back to Basics: Why Does High School Fail So Many?
LA Times - Saturday, January 29, 2006
Shockingly high dropout rates portend a bleak future for youths who fall by the wayside and for society. For many, the traditional U.S. education system is a dead end.

State dropout rates still a huge concern
Saturday, January 28, 2006 6:59 PM CST – Picayune Item
GREENVILLE(AP) - The Department of Education has released a study that indicates substantial high school dropout rates for the state of Mississippi.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice
TheDay (subscription), CT – Sunday, January 29, 2006
The project, experts agree, was a symptom of great weaknesses in the state's juvenile justice system, a vast network consisting of that training school ...

Prevention program offers alternatives to troubled DeSoto youth
Charlotte Sun-Herald, FL – Sunday, January 29, 2006
ARCADIA -- The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice was notified in 2005 that it would receive $3.7 million from two federal grants to be used to help ...

A Long-Range Plan for Juvenile Justice
Washington Post, United States - Jan 27, 2006
The state's troubled juvenile justice system presented legislators yesterday with a 10-year road map for overhauling its network of services throughout the ...

County seeks to reduce minority incarcerations
Greensboro News Record, NC – Sunday, January 29, 2006
... minority youth represent 34 percent of the juvenile population, but 62 percent of detained youth, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency ...

Leadership Frisco class takes on juvenile justice
Frisco Enterprise, TX – Sunday, January 29, 2006
... Criminal justice studies have shown that teen offenders voluntarily choose this process with ... court which may lessen strain on the city's current juvenile docket ...

Mentors transform lives in state youth prisons
San Mateo County Times, CA – Sunday, January 29, 2006
... Scales' trajectory from being a foster youth to the prison system is, unfortunately, too common a story, juvenile justice experts say. ...

Foster Care

A Home for Me teaches foster care kids life skills
Lansing State Journal, MI – Sunday, January 29, 2006
... Rose Miller, A Home for Me board member and a former foster care youth from age 13, said she had a great foster mom and appreciates everything her foster mom ...

Foster youths get county stipend
San Mateo County Times, CA - Jan 27, 2006
... "Subconsciously, I'm waiting for someone to say, 'Get out,'" said Beach, 19, a former foster youth who hasn't lived anywhere longer than four months in the ...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

This Week's News: 22 Jan 2006

Foster Care

Teenagers in California Age Out
Tracy Press, CA - Jan 9, 2006
... reliable transportation to either one. For former foster youth, it’s not an unusual story. Teenagers in California “age out” of ...

Foster youth band together to rebuild center
Napa Valley Register, CA - Jan 18, 2006
... VOICES was started and is run by foster youth ages 16-21. They are the only emancipation center of its kind in the nation, and serve the Napa County community. ...

Juvenile Justice

Leadership Frisco class takes on juvenile justice
Frisco Enterprise, TX - 4 hours ago
... Criminal justice studies have shown that teen offenders voluntarily choose this process with ... court which may lessen strain on the city's current juvenile docket ...

Md. House Overrides Ehrlich's Vetoes of Juvenile Justice Bills
WJLA, DC - Jan 19, 2006
... operations of the state Department of Juvenile Services and transfer an office that monitors treatment of young people in juvenile justice facilities from the ...

Improving Oklahoma's Juvenile Justice System
KOTV, OK - Jan 17, 2006
The sheer number of violent acts committed by kids have law enforcement wondering if Oklahoma's juvenile justice system is doing its job. ...

Slow juvenile justice reforms frustrate system's many critics
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Jan 17, 2006
... they have a long way to go, officials say they are moving toward remaking the youth system, which was renamed the Division of Juvenile Justice in the summer. ...

Youth Rally for Juvenile Justice Reform
WLBT-TV, MS - Jan 16, 2006
... Representative George Flaggs is the chair of the juvenile justice committee. He is calling for changes that include more parental ...


Utah joins service to keep tabs on students
The Salt Lake Tribune – January 21, 2006
Database: Among other things, it will monitor high school and college graduation and dropouts

Raise dropout age, Lynch urges
Portsmouth Herald – Jan 20, 2006
EXETER-Gov. John Lynch visited the Exeter High School Friday to speak on behalf of his proposed legislation, Senate Bill 268, which seeks to raise the state compulsory education age from 16 to 18.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

This Week's News: 15 Jan 2006

Foster Care

New bridges to life after foster care
The Christian Science Monitor - Jan 08 1:46 PM
Foster kids who have 'aged out' of state custody are getting new help buying cars and homes.

Promising Trends in Kids Count Michigan
Detroit Now - Jan 11 6:37 AM
A new study set for release Wednesday shows big drops in teen arrests and those leaving high school before they graduate. But there is some concern over what the future of this trend holds.

Westgate Foundation Partners with City of Life to Provide Jobs, Housing to Former Foster Kids
[Press Release] PR Web - Jan 06 12:30 AM
Young adults who “age out” of state-supported foster care get a helping hand from the Westgate Resorts Foundation, founded by timeshare industry pioneer David Siegel. The Foundation will provide jobs, housing and access to educational opportunities for up to a dozen young people from central Florida with an eye toward expanding the program in 2006. [PRWEB Jan 6, 2006]


Education Quandary: Curbing Dropouts
Kansas City InfoZine - Jan 12 5:59 AM
By Kavan Peterson - When Leon Pumphrey became a father at age 16, he thought dropping out of high school in Baltimore to support his child was the responsible thing to do.

College or Bust
Rocky Mountain Bullhorn - Jan 13 3:08 PM
Big-league universities are striving toward racial diversity. But what about economic diversity? Michael de Yoanna investigates why low-income kids in Colorado aren’t getting into choice colleges.

My Vocational Ed Problem
Washington Post - Jan 10 9:50 AM
As many of you have learned, some with surprise and some with dismay, I often respond to emails from readers of this column. Most of you, it turns out, are smarter than I am. The back and forth messages can go on for some time as I try to drain you of every last drop of useful information and...

High school dropouts are hard on city
Indianapolis Business Journal - Jan 07 6:13 AM
Comment here on this week's related columns. Indiana has made significant progress in establishing some of the most demanding standards for primary and secondary students.

Juvenile Justice

Justice is about making connections
Estes Park Trail Gazette - Jan 13 7:58 AM
Restorative justice is about more than making amends. It’s also about making connections. “Offenders need to feel a bond to the community. Otherwise no face is put on the victim,” said Amanda Nagl, executive director of the Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership.

Teen faces long wait behind bars
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Jan 15 12:25 AM
Seventeen-year-old Juan Rosales is one of thousands of juveniles who will pass through the doors of the Allen County Juvenile Center this

Fla. Lawmaker Decries Juvenile Boot Camps
AP via Yahoo! News - Jan 11 7:17 AM
A Florida legislator wants the state to close its military-style boot camps for juvenile delinquents after a 14-year-old boy died just hours after entering one of the facilities.

Officials voice concern over new juvenile offender rules
News Leader - Jan 12 3:04 AM
Local educators say they want to know more about new regulations adopted Wednesday by the state Board of Education concerning juvenile offenders returning to public schools.

Monday, January 09, 2006

This Week's News: 9 Jan 2006


Challenge to Lead Goals for Education
Saturday, January 07, 2006 3:05:00 PM Dealing with the High School Dropout Crisis
The report shows that graduation rates are low (especially for minority ... Keywords : high school, high school graduation rates, minority graduation, high school dropouts, education gaps, black and ...

Child Trends DataBank -
Saturday, January 07, 2006 10:57:00 PM High School Drop Out Recovery
The dropout rates for high-school students ages 16 to 24 vary by immigration status. Foreign-born students had a dropout rate of 26 percent in 2004, compared with 17 percent for children born in the ...

ECS Education Policy Issue Site:
Friday, January 06, 2006 5:43:00 PM High School Drop Out Recovery
HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT RATES/GRADUATION RATES What States Are Doing Selected Research & Readings Other Web Sites RELATED ISSUES At-Risk--Dropouts No Child Left Behind--Adequate Yearly Progress ECS ONLINE ...

Juvenile Justice

Advocates for Children and Youth - Rally for
Yesterday 2:46 AM Juvenile Justice Reform News
Rally for Juvenile Justice Reform Media Advisory July 15, 2005 Contacts: Sharon Rubinstein, 410-547-9200 x3024, Sarah Crane, 410-547-9200, Nonso Umunna, 410-547- 9200 x3011 ADVOCATES RALLY TO UNDERSCORE ... - SA commission Recommends
Wednesday, January 04, 2006 8:27:00 AM Juvenile Justice Reform News
SA Commission Recommends Juvenile Justice Reform Gender Specific Programming Minorities in Juvenile Justice Appellate Court holds Sex Offender Registry Inapplicable to Juveniles Meet the Board Work Groups ...

Foster Care

A collection of resources including organizations and publications that focuses on foster youth lead...
Yesterday 3:58 AM Older Foster Youth & Aging Out
A collection of resources including organizations and publications that focuses on foster youth leading social change. Based in Olympia, Washington.

Family to Family
Yesterday 12:23 AM Older Foster Youth & Aging Out
Target attention and resources to achieving permanence for older children and youth The Use of Long-Term Foster Care as a Permanency Goal When older children cannot return to their birth ...

NYS Handbook for Youth in Foster Care Describes your rights and responsibilities while you are in fo...
Saturday, January 07, 2006 10:26:00 AM Older Foster Youth & Aging Out
NYS Handbook for Youth in Foster Care Describes your rights and responsibilities while you are in foster care. It also describes what happens when you are older and leave foster care. It represents ...

National Mentoring Partnership -- Mentoring for
Thursday, December 29, 2005 2:54:00 PM Older Foster Youth & Aging Out
Between 18,000 and 20,000 youth aged 16 and older "age out" of the foster care system each year, meaning that they must now face life on their own. Studies have found that within 12-18 months after ...