Monday, August 26, 2013

This Week's News: Youth in Transition


Pittsburg High School implements JAG Program to curb dropout rate
KOAM, Pittsburg, PA – August 19, 2013
The Jobs for America's Graduates program or JAG helps ensure students who are at risk of dropping out or failing, successfully transition into the workplace or post-secondary education.  Pittsburg High School's JAG coordinator, Nidia Lopez meets with students and their parents or guardians to make sure they are on track to succeed in school and make that transition.

Dubuque's dropout re-engagement program marks one year and big successes
KWWL, Dubuque, IA – August 21, 2013
Recent high school dropouts in Dubuque, beware. There's a program that wants to get you back on the track to success, and two men have made it their personal mission to see that happen.

Davenport schools work to tackle Iowa's highest urban dropout rate, Davenport, IA – August 20, 2013
It started in ninth grade when she began skipping classes here and there at Davenport Central High School. The skipping became more and more frequent to the point that Lobdell was barely in school.  Lobdell, now 20, spoke about her experiences recently during Graduation Destination-Take the Journey: Finish it, a collaborative effort between the Davenport Community Schools and the City of Davenport to reach out to students who are struggling in school or have already dropped out.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile court gets grant for family therapy program, Coweta County, GA – August 25, 2013
Coweta County Juvenile Court has been awarded $150,000 from the state of Georgia to go toward exploring new and innovative ways of dealing with juvenile offenders.  The $150,000 is part of $5 million Georgia is giving to help local juvenile systems. The funding is in light of the "juvenile justice reform" laws that take effect on Jan. 1.

Hillsborough considering special court for juveniles charged as adults
Tampa Bay Times, Tampa, FL – August 24, 2013
In a state known for its courts' tough treatment of children, Tampa holds what some view as a dubious distinction: more juvenile defendants are criminally charged here as adults than in any other jurisdiction in Florida.  With the support of the Hillsborough Public Defender's Office and a collection of local child advocates, Stoddard has floated a proposal he thinks could be a first step toward greater fairness in the criminal courts' handling of juveniles.

With $15M in grants, MacArthur establishes 4 juvenile justice reform centers
ABAJournal – August 21, 2013
A longtime supporter of juvenile justice reform, the MacArthur Foundation has committed an additional $15 million to the effort, including the development of four juvenile justice reform centers as part of its as part of its Models for Change Resource Center Partnership.

Foster Care

Movies and TV Shows Examine Issues in Foster Care
The New York Times, Los Angeles, CA – August 23, 2013
Early on in the new movie “Short Term 12,” teenagers living in a group home gather, as Nate, a neatly dressed young counselor with a nervous smile, introduces himself.

Teen Pregnancy

Grants issued to fight teen pregnancy
The Business Journal, Fresno, CA – August 20, 2013
Nearly $500,000 in grants issued by the Fresno Regional Foundation were given to 13 local organizations to address teen pregnancy prevention and capacity building needs.  The grants will be recognized on Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the K Jewel Studios, located at 1415 Fulton St. in downtown Fresno.  Six organizations specifically addressing teen pregnancy prevention were given $400,000 of those grants.

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