Monday, June 04, 2012

This Week's News: Youth in Transition


Round Rock district to consolidate high school program aimed at dropouts, Round Rock, TX – June 1, 2012
To reduce costs and pave the way for creating a permanent facility, the Round Rock school district will consolidate the Success East and West school-of-choice high schools into one program.

School District applauds at-risk students, community as graduation day nears
Las Vegas Sun, Clark County, NV – June 1, 2012
The Clark County School District recognized about 500 at-risk students Thursday for beating the odds to make it to their high school graduation.

Grades Found to Give 'Early Warning' on ELL Dropouts
Education Week, Chicago, IL – May 30, 2012
How well English-language learners perform in their 9th grade courses in Chicago’s public high schools is a much stronger predictor of their graduation prospects than their language proficiency, regardless of students’ race or ethnicity, or the length of time they have been receiving language instruction, according to a new study.

Juvenile Justice

Outagamie County program works to keep kids out of juvenile justice, child welfare systems, Appleton, WI – June 1, 2012
The road to juvenile delinquency is often lined with abuse or neglect at home.  In Outagamie County, about two-thirds of the children who are in trouble with the law have been involved with child welfare, according to Mark Mertens, manager of the county’s Youth and Family Services Divisio

Teens turn corner with jury of their peers
The News Star, Louisiana – June 3, 2012
Teen court can be the positive influence some youth need to turn their lives around at an early age.  Ouachita Parish's teen court program, which has been in operation since 1986, allows juveniles who have been found guilty of nonviolent misdemeanors to go in front of a group of their peers to receive an alternative sentence.

Study: Race Impacts Severity of Teen Sentences
National Journal – May 31, 2012
People are more likely to assign blame to juvenile defendants if they imagined them as black, increasing the likelihood of supporting a harsher punishment for them, a study released last week concludes.  The researchers from Stanford University's psychology department suggest their findings may have broad implications for how juveniles are seen and treated in a criminal-justice system that is predominantly white, from lawyers to jurists to jurors.

Foster Care

Bill would help foster youths with school records
The Kansas City Star, Miami, FL – May 31, 2012
Federal lawmakers proposed a bill Thursday that would give social workers better access to school records in an effort to improve education for foster children.

PVCC program helps former foster care students
The Daily Progress, Virginia – May 29, 2012
For students who age out of foster care, homelessness can be a legitimate worry.  A program at Piedmont Virginia Community College called Great Expectations helps lead them to a less-Dickensian life.  The program helps students ages 13 to 24.

Help for foster teens after they leave the system
The Republic, Sacramento, CA – June 1, 2012
For most teens, money is a gotta-have-it, wanna-spend-it commodity. But for foster teens, who often bounce from home to home in their young years, it's far more complicated. — There is no mom or dad doling out a weekly allowance. No one showering them with cash gifts on birthdays or holidays. No one sitting them down for financial pep talks.

Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Gathers Stakeholders for Plan of Action
The Sacramento Bee, Philadelphia, PA – May 29, 2012
In early 2011, the Family Planning Council launched a new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI).  The Council is one of only nine organizations in the U.S. selected to participate in President Obama's national Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative.

Fighting US's worst teen pregnancy rate in Miss.
The Boston Globe, Marks, MS – May 29, 2012
With her hair in a ponytail and her smile quick and wide, it's hard to tell that high school junior Donyell Hollins has been pulling all-nighters for most of the semester to take care of her infant daughter.  Her situation isn't unusual in the small Delta town of Marks, home to one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state that leads the nation in the statistic. But unlike teen mothers in previous decades, 18-year-old Hollins is benefiting from a change in attitude that's paving the way for frank discussions about parenting skills, career goals and contraception.

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