Monday, August 07, 2006

This Week's News: 7 August, 2006


Perkins Reauthorization
On July 26, the Senate approved final reauthorization of the “Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006” by unanimous consent. Early on July 29, the House of Representatives followed by passing the bill by a 399-1 vote. Final passage of this legislation is a huge victory for career and technical education (CTE)! This was the final step necessary to send the bill to the President to be enacted into law.

Editorial: U.S. Needs to Improve Black Teens' Schooling
Star Tribune, MN – July 31, 2006
America now has more black, male college graduates, professionals and other success stories than ever, yet the numbers at the other end of the spectrum are growing too. Check out just about any index, and African-American males are at or near the top of the "worst" lists: unemployment, poverty, arrests, incarceration, health problems -- all tend to hit them harder.

Those Who Quit School Have Reasons and Regrets
Tennessean, TN – August 6, 2006
They call it an epidemic — the silent epidemic. It's the high number of students who drop out of high school. It's happening in Nashville, in Tennessee and in many other cities and towns across the nation. And, it's a major concern.

Juvenile Justice

New Juvenile Hall Delivers a Message
The Mercury News, CA – July 30, 2006
New architecture for juvenile justice is nearing completion in the foothills of San Mateo County -- designed to give young offenders the support they need to turn away from crime and thrive. At the county's new $148 million youth services complex, the premise is treatment, not punishment, and the message is delivered in the very walls: soothing pastels to calm testy moods, skylights letting in swaths of sunlight and open space for stretching growing muscles.

For Juvenile Offenders, a Measure of Justice that Heals
Boston Globe, MA - August 3, 2006
…The 2001 case involving Zucker was the first one the Restorative Circle handled. The program is an alternative to the court system for young offenders whose crimes involve property damage or alcohol abuse, but not personal injury. The Carlisle Restorative Circle, a replication of the Concord program, began in 2003.

Foster Care

Editorial: No Time to be Complacent
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - July 30, 2006
ASK ABOUT THE state of foster care in California these days, and many -- from the state Capitol, to the courts, to the counties -- will say the same thing: "The time for reform is now."

Leno Foster Care Bill Gets Funding
Bay Area Reporter, CA - August 3, 2006
…The funding boost was included in the 2006-07 state budget, and will allow implementation of Leno's AB2489, a measure to provide foster youth with academic preparation, financial assistance, and campus-based support.

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